Dental patients ask: ‘Why the X-rays?’

The Register-Guard – June 19, 2017

Dental patients ask: ‘Why the X-rays?’

Going beneath surface can help avoid painful tooth maladies, dentist says


Dr. Tara Paluska

“My new patient was expressing doubt about the need for dental ­radiographs — X-rays — as part of her appointment to have her teeth cleaned.

“It’s just a cleaning,” she said. “Why do I have to get all those X-rays? I had some taken last year, and I don’t want that radiation exposure.”

Her reaction isn’t uncommon, ­especially for patients who remember the early days of dental radiology. Back then, lead aprons were required to ­protect patients from radiation.

Today, however, dental X-rays don’t expose patients to that same level of radiation. Dentists use digital processes now, and our equipment has continually improved over the years. Patients receive less radiation at a dental visit than they get spending a day at the beach or flying on an airplane.”