Leadership Opportunities


Leading on PDA Committees

PDA considers participation in committees to be essential in supporting our organizational goals. Through a spirit of volunteerism, dentists and administrative staff lend their voices, time, energy, and focus to implementing changes in our organization.  Associates have the opportunity to help create an organization they want to buy in to, and Shareholders help the organization flourish.

At PDA, Associates can develop leadership skills by volunteering to serve on one of several committees, such as the Clinical Effectiveness Committee, the Peer Review Committee or the Associates Committee. Once Associate Dentists are elected to Shareholders, they may run for PDA’s Board of Directors.

PDA Committees

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Leadership Positions

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  • Dental Director, Evidence Based Dentistry and Oral Health Research
  • Dental Director of Informatics and Technology
  • Dental Director, Care Delivery
  • Dental Director, Quality of Care
  • Dental Director, Ops & Specialty Care
  • Dental Director, Recruitment
  • Dental Director, Service Excellence
  • Dental Director, Strategy and Business Development
  • Professional Director / Area PD

Practicing Skills Through Volunteering

PDA Dentists can also practice their leadership skills by helping organize one of the many volunteer activities in which PDA Dentists participate, including:

  • MLK Days of Service (with KPNW, each January)
  • Give Kids a Smile Day (February)
  • Back to School Health Clinic at Wallace Medical Center
  • Medical Teams International (in the U.S. or abroad)
  • Free dental clinics as announced