Medical Emergency Response Program (MERP)


To ensure appropriate training of staff and provide access to medically necessary medications to effectively deal with medical emergencies in the dental setting. Monitor and review emergency events for staff response and documentation and suggest improvements.  Coordinate in-clinic review of medications and equipment associated with the delivery of medical emergency care.

Functional Responsibilities

Reviewing the actions and documentation concerning any actual emergencies since the last meeting of this committee; during the interim all events will be reviewed by the MERP chair in coordination with health plan Dental Quality Program Manager.

Complete appropriate in-clinic staff CE training annually; involving all staff and emphasizing team work to maximize timely medical emergency delivery.

Monitor and update emergency treatment protocols including policies & procedures as needed.

Ensure appropriate medications and dosage forms are available at each dental office.

Coordinate the monitoring of medications for expiration dates and the proper function of all equipment used for medical emergencies.  Clinic staff will monitor and log the review of the MERP cart contents four times a month.

Evaluate the MERP delivery system and update it as needed to improve overall quality of care to patients.

Support the Quality Assurance/Improvement Committee and the PDA Peer Review Committee regarding subjects that pertain to medical response issues and quality of care.

Periodically conduct in-clinic reviews of the organization and documentation of the MERP cart.

Consistently review and update the MERP checklist as appropriate.

Provide support to the Quality Assurance/Improvement Committee on delivery of medical emergency treatment to patients as it relates to various policy requirements.

Monitor the electronic event reporting system (SERS) and advise additional necessary steps as appropriate.


  • Dentist designee from each dental office
  • Peer Review, Quality Assurance and Health Plan liaisons

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