Peer Review


This committee shall report to the Board of Directors of Permanente Dental Associates. In addition, it shall maintain a cooperative and mutually supportive working relationship with the CEC, QAIC, Credentialing Committee and Operations.

This committee shall keep records of its decisions which shall be made available for review by appropriate entities as determined by PDA’s Board of Directors. Committee records and other committee documentation are maintained by the chairperson.

Functional Responsibilities

Conducts and coordinates the process of monitoring clinical outcomes from PDA’s practice of dentistry.

Activities include:

  • Random record review (dentists, denturists and hygienists, PTDA)
  • Specialist audits
  • Long term follow-up of special cases
  • Review of concerns identified by dentists, members, lab, and auxiliaries
  • Review of models
  • Review of night call practices
  • Discussion of committee generated issues
  • Review of outside referral dentists
  • Review of TEAM entries to assure accurate coding
  • Review of member concern quality of care issues on a quarterly basis
  • Case management review of each clinic once a year
  • X-Ray re-audit calibration as needed
  • Procedural audits of chart documentation (dentists, hygienists, PTDA)
  • Drug alert list maintenance

Provides calibration across all providers and clinics by identification of:

  • Practice inconsistencies among providers and/or clinics and,
  • Process problems affecting the entire practice.

Maintains communication with the…

  • PD of each clinic for individual and/or clinic problems, and AD-Operations if related to PD performance and/or unresolved issues at the clinic.
  • CEC, QAIC and Credentialing Committee about system-wide problems.
  • Risk manager and AD-operations about significant events or concerns.

Annual Reporting:

Keeps PDA Board of Directors informed of its activities, findings, and recommendations for action on an ongoing basis as needed, and through an annual report which will include a list of all significant events (level 1 and 2).


PDA Board of Directors Appointee (1)*
PDA Board of Directors Appointees (4)**

*Denotes chairperson or co-chairperson **The current appointee positions (4) are staffed as two full positions and four half positions as approved by PDA Board of Directors.


(as of 12/19/18) Location
Justin Elson, DMD Beaverton
Matthew Jervis, DMD Skyline
Dean Geist, DMD Clackamas
 Lisa Guerrero, DDS Grand Avenue
Angela Manalili, DMD Salmon Creek
Mailiki Patterson, DDS* Clackamas
Monica Peterson, DMD North Interstate


This committee meets 3 times per month.