Permanente Dentists Retirement Plan (PDRP) Committee


The PDRP (Permanente Dentists Retirement Plan) Committee interprets and in general administers the retirement plan. The committee works with outside investment advisors and actuary firms to  administer the plan and maintain compliance with federal laws and regulations.

The Committee consists of three or more persons appointed by the Board of Directors of Permanente Dental Associates, P.C. The Committee selects a Chair from among the members and a secretary who need not be a member of the Committee.


Person Location
Bill Creed, DMD Salmon Creek Dental
Larson Floor, DMD Tanasbourne Dental
Aaron Johnson, DMD Cascade Park Dental
Jay Wylam, DMD Aloha Dental
David Straube, DMD Cascade Park Dental
Bob Barrett Retired PDA Orthodontist
Aaron Patnode (COO/CFO) KPB

Updated 1/31/19