Quality Assurance/Improvement Committee (QAIC)


Roles & Responsibilities

The Quality Assurance Improvement Committee (QAIC) is responsible for assuring and documenting high quality performance from all Dental Program functions. The QAIC will carry out this responsibility by:

  • Monitoring all Dental Program quality indicators and identify any problem areas. Work with appropriate management to resolve identified issues.
  • Recommending and/or developing new indicators as appropriate,
  • Collaborating with line management, and
  • Reporting its findings and activities to the KFH/HP Board of Directors and PDA Board of Directors.

Responsibility for improvement action rests with line management who are accountable to the Dental Director and the Dental Business Leader.

Meeting Time & Frequency

3rd Thursday bi-monthly, 8:00-11:00 a.m.

Participant Title/Designation

  • Executive Dental Director
  • Dental Director (2)
  • Peer Review Chair or Designee
  • Recruitment & Credentialing Coordinator
  • Dental Business Leader
  • Director, Dental Operations
  • Quality & Patient Safety Coordinator
  • Administrative Services Manager


(updated 1/2/19)

Person Role
Kari Engholm Senior Director, Dental Care Delivery
Rich Moehl Director, Dental Operations (interim)
Cyrus Lee, DMD Dental Director, Care Delivery
Mailiki Patterson, DDS
Peer Review Committee Chair
Kristi McWilliams Director, Quality QAIC Co-Chair
Dan Pihlstrom, DDS Dental Director, Evidence Based Care and Oral Health Research
Mike Plunkett, DDS, MPH Dental Director, Strategy & Business Development
Nam Lee Quality Information Analyst II
Felix Lee, DMD Dental Director, Quality of Care QAIC Co-Chair
John Snyder, DMD Executive Dental Director and CEO, Permanente Dental Associates and QAIC Sponsor
Camille Wallis Dental Quality Program Manager
Ken Wright, DMD, MPH Vice President, Dental Care Services and QAIC Sponsor


QAIC meets bi-monthly on the third Thursday for the following months:

  • January
  • March
  • May
  • July
  • September
  • November
  • December (optional)

Meeting times and locations are subject to change. To confirm a meeting please contact Sonja Eldred.