Permanente Dental Associates has forty years’ worth of history, beginning with a federally funded grant to the Center for Health Research in 1969. Today, PDA is proud to partner with the Kaiser Permanente Dental Program to provide exceptional care in Oregon and SW Washington.


The Center for Health Research secured a five year, federally funded grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) for a demonstration project designed to evaluate the benefits of a managed dental plan working in close association with an organized group practice medical delivery system (Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest).


time-line-21970 – 1979

1970 Opened first dental office. Membership was 5,000 – 6,000.
1973 Decision was made to design and market a prepaid comprehensive dental program to other interested groups in the Portland metropolitan area.
1974 Opened first dental office for general Health Plan members. James Pinardi was the first elected Dental Director.
1975 Second dental office opened. Membership reached 12,000.
1976 Third dental office opened. Our initial government contract expired and a subsequent unsuccessful bid caused us to lose that portion of our membership. With growth in our general membership areas, we were still able to maintain a membership of over 9,000.

1980 – 1989

1980 Opened dental offices in Salem and Vancouver. Began offering non-group enrollment on a limited basis. Membership had been increasing an average of 40i for the previous five years. Membership had now exceeded 35,000.
1981 Implemented our first Oral Health Appraisal Program (OHAP) designed to consolidate a number of services in one initial visit.
1982 Installed the Automated Dental Access Management (ADAM) system which consolidates the appointment making process, treatment records, and statistical data into a central computerized system.
1983 Rockwood Dental Office opens.
1984 The Dental Program reached a membership in excess of 55,000.
1986 Tigard and North Lancaster offices open.
1988 The North Interstate Services Building opens with dental offices. Clackamas Dental Office opens.
1989 Don Prasnikar elected as Dental Director. Hazel Dell, Grand Avenue, and Longview offices open.

1990 – 1999

1990 Cascade Park and Skyline dental offices open.
1991 The Eastmoreland Dental Office opens.
1992 Crestwood and MacArthur offices close.
1996 Glisan and Salmon Creek Dental opened.

2000 – 2009

2000 Aloha Dental opens.
2005 The Gresham Dental Office opens.
2006 Sunset Dental opens in its current location.
2008 John Snyder elected as Dental Director
2009 PDA founds the PDA Management System Organization (MSO) to act as the administering body for Permanente Dental Associates.

2010 – PRESENT

2010 The Dental Program launches the automated dental records system, AxiUm, converting from TEAM.
2011 Oregon City Dental opens.
2012 PDA’s first Journal of the American Dental Association cover article.
2013 The Dental Program now includes 200,000+ comprehensive members and 12,000+ PPO members
2014 PDA is again featured in the cover article of the JADA.
2016 Transition to Epic Wisdom– a fully integrated electronic record system– rolls out to the first offices.
2017 Cedar Hills Dental opens.  Epic Wisdom transition completes to all dental offices.


We are the only region within Kaiser Permanente to operate a dental program. Permanente Dental Associates currently consists of 123 general dentists and 36 specialists; 105 of the group are Shareholders.