New Study Finds that Integrating Medical Care into Dental Offices Helps Seniors Access Needed Care

In an ongoing collaboration between Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research (CHR) and Permanente Dental Associates’ Dr. Dan Pihlstrom, a study recently published in the Journal of American Dental Association (JADA) found that patients 65 and older who had a dental visit at a dental office offering some medical services were 1.5 times more likely to have their medical care gaps closed (preventive and disease management medical care) compared to a similar population who had dental care at a non-Medical-Dental Integrated (MDI) setting.

“This is the first study publication that specifically calls out care gap closure,” says Dr. Pihlstrom. “This contributes to the body of evidence, building a stronger case for MDI.”

Previous publications have studied the potential for improvement of overall health associated with receiving dental care where dentists have access to a patient’s electronic health record and care history, acting as another touchpoint in an integrated health care system reminding patients of overdue preventive or disease management care.

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