PDA Dentists First in Oregon to Administer Vaccines

PDA is further expanding its Medical-Dental Integration (MDI) work by having more than 20 dentists certified to administer vaccines. Starting next week, they’ll put their new skills to work in a flu vaccine pilot at Kaiser Permanente’s Eastmoreland and Grand Avenue Dental Offices, offering to any appointed dental patients over the age of 12.

The move supports overall Kaiser Permanente readiness for an eventual COVID-19 vaccine, once approved and available.

Oregon Dental Association (ODA) championed HB 2220 in 2019. PDA’s Dr. Felix Lee, Dental Director, Quality of Care, testified on behalf of PDA’s group practice. The bill allows dentists to administer vaccines provided they have taken the appropriate training, approved by the Board of Dentistry.

OSHU School of Dentistry developed the training (and was a key partner in the legislative process). HB 2220 made Oregon the first state to allow dentists to offer any vaccination to their patients. Two other states (Minnesota and Illinois) allow dentists to give vaccines, but only against the flu and only for adults.

Just a few weeks ago, the American Dental Association passed a resolution in support of dentists administering vaccines, especially to ramp up for the eventual approved COVID vaccine. See full story on the ADA website.


PDA’s Drs. Jim Smith and Dan Pihlstrom were interviewed this week for this TV & digital coverage: